Our Values

The Core Values We Live By


We have the knowledge, we want to share it. As a truly local company with many years of experience, we really know Tuscany – its landscapes, its people, its life. But equally importantly, we are determined to share that knowledge with you, so that you can get to know our beautiful country, too. From the moment you make your first inquiry to the moment you leave, you’ll find we have the knowledge to make your trip unforgettable. Our staff will help you plan your trip; our driver-guides are often praised for ‘going the extra mile’ to ensure that our travellers have the best experience possible. Our knowledge becomes your knowledge.


We know that reputations are hard to win and easy to lose. That’s why we set such importance on integrity, honesty and fairness throughout our organization. We listen to our customers and strive to meet their expectations.


Tuscany is a very special place, a unique place with some of the world’s most amazing artworks, natural beauties and food. We are really passionate about sharing this  with all our clients.  We pride ourselves on our team of people, recruiting passionate and motivated people and training them to the highest standards to make sure that they make our travellers’ Tuscan experience unforgettable.

Valuing Relationship

At Let’s Andiamo, we value more than everything all our relationships – relationships with our customers, relationships with our partners, relationships with our communities and relationships with our environment. Building a sustainable business is only possible through longstanding, sustainable relationships and we believe that establishing, valuing and nurturing these relationships is the key to the satisfaction of our customers and the success of our business.


Our drivers and guides are focused on trying to find something unique, something special, something unforgettable for all our travellers.

Excellent Service

Delivering excellent service, every time. That’s our objective at Easy Travel, the very benchmark for judging our success. Whether it’s helping you to work out an itinerary, or answering your queries fully and promptly, or providing you with the best photo opportunities. We are  constantly reviewing our performance to ensure we are meeting the high standards we demand of ourselves. Continual training for our guides, new and efficient vehicles.